On a Jet Plane…

I grew up on the road. My parents were missionaries. Not to be confused with ‘mercenaries’ because that would be much cooler.

“My dad kills people for money!”

As opposed to:

“My dad irks people at airports.”

Anyway, I traveled a lot as a kid. Now I travel a lot as an adult. I’m a road comic. I know I’m a road comic, because while my car is a junker but my luggage is state of the art. In fact, my luggage is the only thing I own state of the art.

So, I’m mostly packed and ready for my friend Super Shuttle to come pick me up at 4:45 am. I blog when I’m on the road. If you want to read some of the stuff that has happened on previous gigs, click on the category ‘Posts from the Road’.

And I’m off!

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