Noble Peace Tries

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A group calling itself the Swords of Truth Bridgade, have kidnapped 4 Christian peace activists in Iraq.

The four are members of Christian Peacemaker Teams, a small, international group which aims to reduce worldwide violence.

They have threatened to kill them unless prisoners in U.S. and Iraqi detention centers are released.

This is going to end badly.

The Swords may not realize this – but the people in charge and the powerful Religious Right DON’T LIKE PEACE ACTIVISTS.

I’m sure Bush would gladly hand them Cindy Sheehan if given the chance.

Bill O’Reilly would gladly hand them the entire city of San Francisco.

For those in charge of keeping the prisoners in the US and Iraq, the folks that the Swords are trying to appeal to, they couldn’t have chosen less desirable people to threaten the lives of.

I mean, clearly there was a lack of planning.

For example: if you want to piss off the Religious Right, just mention that Jesus was a pacifist. It makes them nuts. If they don’t try to kick your ass they’ll declare a war on you, just like they’ve done with Christmas.

The only people that would re-act and do something if a peace activist’s life was threatened, are other peace activists. And their whole message is NOT doing something.

Anyway, I think we all know what happens to people that talk about peace.

This sucks.

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  1. Abby Taylor says:

    I was over at Rush Limbaugh’s site yesterday (don’t ask), and apparently the word on the neocon street is that grabbing and threatening the peace activists appear to be somehow trumped up.

  2. Tina D. says:

    Thanks a lot, Abby. I read his site. KILL ME!

    He thinks the whole thing is a hoax. Those sneaky peaceful freaks.

    I wouldn’t put it past them at all, because, like I say, I know these people like every square inch of my naked body, not just the back of my hand.


  3. you read him? tina tina tina. it will infect your thinking. he will “hypnotize” you. then you be trying to find narcotics in friends bathrooms when you visit them. resist the urge, and take that pod on your nightstand and throw it out now while there is still time.

  4. Abby Taylor says:

    uhm… he really said “like every square inch of my naked body”?!?!?!?!

    …. cringe….

    I must shower now. I feel really dirty.

  5. i was going to draw a line….between your….comments about his……back, but I………am having……….difficulty as I …….keep having……..pop ups………iLead……….popups……..and it…….takes time to swat…………them out of…….the…….way……i bought………a new…….computor with more……..memory than Hal…………from 2001…….so that I could……..visit your………, without……..crashing my……computer… you……really know……..I love……………*gasp*

  6. Liberal Vet says:

    You must remember this is a war of beliefs. As such the Muslims see xians as infidels. The Koran supposedly gives them permission to kill them without fear of retribution. If I were an Xian I would stay out of the Middle East. They want us dead and out of there most holy land. We have no business being there. Protest for Peace right here in the US. Religion of all kinds is the bane of mankind.

  7. sorry, but you are part right, it is a war of many things, not just belief, and not a single one of them, proves evolution is working overtime on the human brain.

  8. Tina D. says:

    That’s funny Rev.!

  9. Liberal Vet says:

    Rev. read Sam Harris End of Faith and you’ll see. You as a moderate {I presume} are required to debunk these fascist right wing evangelical war mongers. The muslims despise us and want us dead. Even Bush I knew better than to engage these fanatics. We are doing Bin Ladin a favor and his best recruiting tool! THINK, fondly LV

  10. Liberal Vet says:

    Think about this Rev, my point being the strength and credence given to unfounded beliefs. I believe I am receiving messages from the planet Kryptonite saying they are about to invade Earth. I would be deemed “psychotic” or “delusional”. Christians believe the son of god born of a virgin birth died on the cross and was resurrected three days later. If that’s not crazy you define crazy for me. Time to start questioning bizarre beliefs.

  11. no i didn’t miss your point, i just added a few you overlooked. one word halliburton.

  12. Liberal Vet says:

    You are a man of very few words Rev

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