Mr. King, The Valley and Indian Burial Grounds

President Bush said yesterday that he wants to destroy the old Abu Ghraib prison and construct a new prison for the Iraq people. This is a solution straight out of a Stephen King novel. It’s not Rumsfield’s and the other brass’ orders to torture prisoners – it’s the prison’s fault! The prison is possessed by the devil and built on an Indian burial ground and haunted by a band of serial killers. We must tear down the prison, so we wont have a series of sequels and pre-quels that end up being direct-to-video flops!!!

When are we going to build this new prison? Can the good people at Halliburton build it and then just lock themselves up when they are finished?

The pictures of the Iraqi prisoner abuse have outraged many. Mostly near where I live, the Porn Capital of the World, The San Fernando Valley. The Porn Industry is mad because it’s outsourcing. Jobs going overseas, you know.

I read this article today about how a group of Christians want to secede from the United States to form there own sovereign nation. An all Christian state? I thought we already had those, they’re called Utah and Texas and Alabama and Mississippi and Idaho, most parishes of Louisiana…West Virginia.

The Jewish People were being threatened with extinction. They were being killed en masse – so they made their own nation for protection. American Christians are being threatened by people not agreeing with them. So they want their own state to protect themselves against anyone calling them homophobic bigots. (Haha…they best stay off the web too.)

When the United States Constitution (separation of Church and State) starts sounding way too liberal, you might want to turn off Fox’s No Spin Zone and read a book. But not Stephen King, his ideas assist in nation building, that of which I cannot agree with.

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