Menudo To Go


Ricky Martin was in the pioneer Latin boy band Menudo. The band that paved the way for New Kids on the Block, N Sync and The Back Street Boys. You know, the groups that do all those annoying songs that get played at malls; those vaguely familiar yet indiscernible pop ballads? I call it the ‘gay men and 12 year old girls’ genre. The ‘right stuff’…

Now Ricky Martin visiting tsunami victims. His foundation built 225 homes for orphans of the disaster. He went on Opera without jumping on a couch to talk about it. And just this week he is reaching out to Arab youths as an UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

And yeah, there was a slight snafu with a traditional Arab headscarf…that I won’t get into. Read the article yourself.

So take that Boy Bands! What are you going to do now? Are you going to continue vying for a slot on the next season of the Surreal Life? Or are you going to follow Ricky’s lead and dance step your way to making the world a better place? Causes aren’t just for talented rock musicians anymore (ahem Bono). No. Now even the bubble gum 15 second sensations are going to have to do something – now that Ricky is living his vida loca in the Arab world. You guys are going to have to pick up a paper and figure out what you’re going to do.

My point is Justin Timberlake – Ricky Martin is exposing you as a boob.

You go Ricky!

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