Men of Louisiana


These guys were at the show in Houma. I don’t know what to say about these dudes except that they were VERY polite, nice, big stereotypes.

Louisiana is where all the cowboys have gone

They kind of look like they would be on the cover of some red neck romance novel. The kind that would get hurled at your old man’s head after he came home drunk again and couldn’t contest the fact that his last two pay checks have gone to the local watering hole.

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  1. Vector

    Wow, real cowboys! Look, they even have The Stance! Well, two out of three. Is that third guy yuppie? Why the hell he’s having a glass in his hand!? That drops your cowboy points real bad…unless he is holding it for a lady of course…that must be it.

    Houma sounds like a fashion label. Better than John Deere. Are you sure that glass holding guy is a real cowboy?? Cowboys don’t drive mechanical horses, bulls maybe, but not horses.
    Marlboro would be ok, cowboys are Marlboro models and the prairie is their catwalk. And they are about the only men who get away with walking on high heals because cowboy boots are cool.

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