Marriage is Under Attack!!!

Through out history marriage has been a sacred institution.

Henry VIII had 6 sacred marriages.

Our public figures respect and revere the institution.

Liz Taylor respected the institution DOZENS of times.

Marriage is when you go in front of God and your family, with a blessing from the state and announce that you will be with your partner until death.

OJ, Scott Peterson and Robert Blake didn’t get a divorce. They kept their vows.

Gays, see what you are looking at destroying? You haven’t prepared yourself for the task. You have thousands of years of the ‘tradition of bliss’ to ruin. Do you have a proper game plan? Just picking out tasteful china patterns and eloquent color schemes isn’t enough. Court battles and voter initiatives aren’t the half of it.

If you truly want to demolish marriage; millions of married people have beaten you to it.

So like the bad teenage films say and President Bush likes to quote,”Bring it on!” (story)

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