Mad Science

Let’s face it, ever since science started trolling the churches, kidnapping God-fearing folk and brainwashing them with their ‘theories’ – they’ve gained momentum as a group. They have gotten their agenda passed through the courts – their doctrine is now taught in schools and their followers are regularly shown on PBS.

This powerful lobby is single handedly responsible for us ALL having to needlessly learn algebra. The monsters!

I ask – what has science really done for this country? Where was SCIENCE when the towers fell? Did science find WMDs in Iraq? NO. Did SCIENCE ever find a connection between Osama and Iraq? NO. Has SCIENCE made us safer? Well, they would like us to THINK that, wouldn’t they?

Science hasn’t done anything for the public good. Did SCIENCE show up and feed Katrina victims? No, they weren’t there. Has science ever resolved conflict? No. No, they’ve left that burden to the courts! Has science ever consoled the grieving? No, that’s for our under-funded churches to attend to.

It’s disgusting. Scientists want us to believe that sex isn’t dirty! Even pre-marital sex! Even the kind you PAY for – they claim is it ‘natural’. This code word ‘natural’ has been used in place of the more commonly known word ‘sinful’. It’s all a part of their attempt to equate humans with some kind of filthy animal. Namely monkeys. Science is calling our families – our children- monkeys!

Science is immoral. It is indecent. It is obscene. It is rife with perversion. It is obsessed with the abnormal. It has no respect for the dead. It objectifies women. It arrogantly refutes most of the bible. It’s at war with traditional values! The only VALUE science holds is for more SCIENCE! It propagates LIES and muddies the truth for our families – for our children! It’s a corrosion of our culture – of our way of life.

What kind of group wants to play God and disprove His existence at the SAME TIME?!? That’s right. They’re worse than the ACLU!

How many good moral people must fall victim to scientific proof before it is stopped?

There are elected officials – right now – sitting in Washington DC – that BELIEVE in science! That’s right. Off the record, they would swear by it. These beliefs influence every decision made by them. It’s time to weed out the renegades. It’s time to call for a separation of State and Science!

If science is so great – then let the Japanese KEEP it. It’s un-American. It’s anti-American. It’s the opposite of everything we stand for. And we’re not going to stand for it anymore!

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  1. dave

    True story:
    Back in the ’80s, a religious group tried to ban upper-level math in public schools. Because once you start considering things like the square root of negative one, you start thinking there are no absolutes. Which of course causes you to question the existence of God.

    Worked for me.

    “Once evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve.”– Jello Biafra

  2. dave

    And now that I think about it….
    It’s hardly surprising that the right wing doesn’t believe in science.
    Their party standard-bearer has defied gravity by falling UP at every step of his career.

  3. Heathen Dan

    Ah, such sardonic wit! Bravo! I do have one quibble though. You said “there are elected officials – right now – sitting in Washington DC – that BELIEVE in science!” I find that hard to swallow.

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