Los Angeles

The city will be voting for a mayor tomorrow. (story) I live in a district with less than 250 registered voters. I got a reminder of the PARKING TICKET I forgot to pay in the mail. But as far as the information on how and where I’m going to vote – NOTHING.

Welcome to Los Angeles, give us your money and fuck off.

New York has,”The Worlds Second Home.” Las Vegas has,”What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” Here are my tourist slogans for LA:

1. Los Angeles – Hello the Name is Spanish – What the Hell Did You Expect?

2. LA, Riot Free Since 1993

3. Los Angeles, Disneyland is in Orange County…

4. LA, Where Everything is ‘World Famous’

5. Visit Los Angeles, the Rest of the Country Hates Us – Come See Why

6. Come to Los Angeles, We Smell Better than Riverside

7. LA, the City that Never Eats – and When It Does It Purges in the Restaurant Bathroom

8. Come for the Earthquakes – Stay for the Mudslides

9. Come Sell Your Soul in the City of Angels.

10. Los Angeles: Our Gangstas Can Kick Your Gangstas’ Asses!

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