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I spent the weekend in Central California. I went to a wedding out on a ranch. We were out in the middle of nowhere. The location was a boarding school built in the 1930’s. It looked like a summer camp/backdrop for a teenage horror film.

Anyway, we were driving around and there were all the signs that read,”MJ Ranch.” I wondered if we were near Neverland.

Uh, yeah – we were. And yes, I forgot my camera at home.

Neverland Ranch is nestled on the outskirts of a Danish settlement about 30 miles from the coast. Mention any of the following: Micheal, Jackson, Trial, Neverland and get a diatribe in return from the locals.

Don’t get me wrong. I was never a Michael Jackson fan and never really got it. I was so indifferent to him and his music – I once almost got beat up in elementary school for confusing Jackson with Prince.

Hello! For a brief time in the ’80’s they had the same hair! And they both looked like beautiful Latin girls.

However, while I was there I kind of did want to wear a rhinestone glove and trot around the local grocery store humming, “Smooth Criminal.”

What a lousy time to forget my camera and Thriller T-shirt.

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  1. indeterminacy

    I saw a headline in a newspaper that MJ was going to move to Berlin. Don’t know what to think about that!

    I went to a mostly black elementary school in the 60’s so by osmosis I kind of got into the Jackson Five and their music. I still like some of the songs. I bought a best of lp in the 80’s and my friends laughed at me.

  2. BaptizedLucifer

    u can be my baby, it dont matter if ur black or white.

    why wasn’t the world listening to him when he sang that?

    trust me, there still are teenagers, real dance freaks who do the moonwalk. and dress up like him. he’s got the respect of all em dancers for sure.

    break dance 🙂

    its sad the way things turned out to be. none of that ish should have happened.

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