Workers at Beauvoir, the Biloxi historical home where Jefferson Davis spent the last years of his life, prepare for Hurricane Katrina to make landfall in Biloxi, Mississippi. A massive evacuation of New Orleans was underway amid fears of a catastrophic hit by Hurricane Katrina, which barreled toward the low-lying southern US city with winds of 280 kilometers (176 miles per hour).(AFP/Getty Images/Marianne Todd)

New Orleans residents are being told to evacuate.

My friend that lives in New Orleans use to wear goggles on her head at all times. It looked especially strange when she wore sunglasses as well. It looked like an homage to some kind of insect. I asked her once about the goggles. She said, “I live below sea level – you better get yourself a pair while you’re here.”

I hope Katrina is bluffing. Be safe out there folks.

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