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There is this performer, he was HUGE back in the ’80’s. His name is Michael Jackson. There was this little trial, something about him sleeping with children.

Anyway, since there has been little to no coverage on this news story, I feel as a comedy blogger, a responsibility to report the story.

Micheal Jackson was found not guilty on all ten counts of child molestation and boozing up children in order to molest them. See, he had this hit song in the ’80’s called “Beat It” and now it makes a nice little pun for the title of this post. I’m clever.

The media just really dropped the ball on this one. All this coverage of the Downing Street Memo and the genocide in Darfur has just over shadowed this VERY important case. This is a historical event in jurisprudence that the MSM have INTENTIONALLY avoided.

What are they afraid of? Losing ratings? Talking about lewd actions with minors? Giving Al Sharpton more air time?

It’s time to take a stand. Tell these reporters and journalistic type people that you want to hear more about the Micheal Jackson trial. Not just ‘ticker time’ either. Tell them that you want IN DEPTH reporting on this issue. Maybe some outrageous pundits to chatter on a 24-hour loop. This is a story that needs to be brought to the American public’s and maybe even the WORLD’s attention.

Thank God for the internet – or these momentous and crucial moments in the justice system would have little or NO coverage at all.

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  1. Vector

    You mean that *liberal* MSM has intentionally avoided this important issue. Damn communists!

    What comes to boozing up kids, I think it should be done on regular basis. We would have a lot more happier and friendlier kids or at least their aim would be terrible. “Be a responsible parent, Booz Up Your Kid!”

  2. Vector

    And proud of it.

    The first time I got drunk was at the advanced age of 4 or something like that – can’t remember exactly…

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