Judge Dread

Judge John Roberts has been nominated. I found a cute site that is written like a grocery store tabloid but for Supreme Court Justices.

So Judge Roberts is Catholic and against abortion. His wife, also a lawyer was an executive at Feminists for Life. Their rival group Feminists Just For a Couple of Months in College, have been trying to court Mrs. Roberts ever since.

He he…

Abortion is the WORST subject ever for a topical comedian…

4 Comments Judge Dread

  1. jrdamien

    I tried stand up once, until i realized it was work, too. But I had a few, tasteless winners. “Why does abortion cost so much? Cause it’s worth it.”

  2. Screwy Hoolie

    George Carlin would chastise you for suggesting that there are things that you can’t joke about. I remember his bit on rape that had me guiltily howling.

  3. Tina D.

    I’m not saying it’s not possible – I’m saying that if I had a choice for a popular topic I would prefer to have Monica back.

    It makes my job harder – is my point.

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