Jokes and More Jokes

USA Today reported that since the release of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Jesus is now finally more popular than The Beatles.

Urban Outfitters offering controversial retro 70’s t-shirt with slogan,”Voting is for old people.” Because of the success of the shirt, Urban Outfitters is to release more politically apathetic slogans including:
“Reading newspapers is for losers”, “Civil rights are stupid” and “My parents marched on Washington and all I have is a lousy t-shirt”

Giving into pressure from Parents Television Council, and other conservative advocacy group, the FCC is planning a new round of fines for broadcasters that allow sexual content. The new campaign will be called the “Make War – Not Love” initiative.

Ralph Nadar has announced that he is running for president. Many Democrats complain…and complain…and complain.

Florida ordered a recount on their Democratic Primary race after Dennis Kucinich was declared the nomination winner.

A woman in Georgia tried to pass off a million dollar bill to pay for items at a Wal-Mart. The cashier that caught the fraud was quoted as saying,”It was as strange as a three dollar bill.”

California state lawmakers proposed giving 16-year-olds a ½ vote and 14-year-old residents a ¼ vote to try to encourage teenagers to be more involved in the political process and learn fractions.

John Kerry is considering the ultra conservative Republican Senator John McCain to run as his VP. This was after Pat Buchannan and David Duke turned him down.

In a speech in Ohio President Bush said that there are a lot of people worried about losing their jobs. He said that he too is concerned about losing his job. And advised all those searching for work to launch a multi-million dollar advertising campaign blaming the Democrats.

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