It’s pretty safe to say that this week SUCKED!!!

Oh how I can count the ways:

1. Conservativism died this week. The Terri Schaivo case murdered it. Many people believe it died 20 years ago when it was kidnapped by the Moral Majority. This misnomer organization had true conservatism in hospice until the plug was pulled by a emergency session of congress. ‘Conservatives’ as they now call themselves are a bunch of nosy neighbors with telescopic lens and a bull horn.

2. Mitch Hedberg was the first young contemporary stand up to die since Bill Hicks. We’re all kind of stunned.

3. There has been talk of a military draft (link) that doesn’t include the shipping off Anna Nicole or the cast of this season of The Bachelor.

4. John Paul II died. He was a great pope. I don’t subscribe that all popes have been great. In fact, the Renaissance Papal did more partying that George W. at Yale. You can’t have that much fun and be a pope! It’s not right. John Paul II mentioned that at one point. He was a good man and we could use more like him.

5. An accounting probe uncovered that some of the richest men in America (with their businesses in Bermuda) might have stolen $1.3 billion (story). How disheartening is it to find out that RICH WHITE men can be so dishonest and act like (especially now) COMMON criminals? Oh yeah, that’s right – it’s no longer shocking.

From now on when ever some white collar criminal is caught insider trading or cooking the books – I’m going to refer to it as ‘Martha Stewart Living’.

Next week is going to be better. It has to balance out somehow. We can’t have another week where a woman finding a human finger in a bowl of chili at Wendy’s (story) isn’t the most disturbing news.

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