It’s 3am – do you know where your career is at?

Done in Tacoma. Off to some place I don’t remember the name of. I had a fun.

SPENT. Tired. Two shows, no food and had to wait till last call to get paid.

Just about to leave and there was a lesbian riot at the club upstairs – separate from the show. I was outside and the tumble weed of women fighting and kicking hurled its way down the sidewalk. I stepped back. It rolled passed me and got intercepted by the Tacoma police. The door to the club openned. “No one gets in! No! No one!” One voice yelled. “Except Tina!” Yelled another. I went in. HUNGRY, tired – irritated. Stupid quabble – I wanted FOOD.

My greasy half eaten caesar wrap now sits next to my desk in the hotel. The only place to get food was Shari’s. Shari’s is Denny’s older uglier sister with display PIES. We got our food to go.

To go – too gone. Bye bye Tacoma – bye bye brawling butches. Sleep….

5 Comments It’s 3am – do you know where your career is at?

  1. Abby Taylor

    This isn’t that surprising. Tacoma is widely known as the Lesbian Riot Capital of the United States. Well, the continental United States at least.

  2. jrdamien

    Think of what stories you will have to tell in your own ancient days. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a life worthy of its own mythology!

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