Iraq’s Potholes and Canadian Secession

I got a SPAM email today announcing that I can put my name on the national ‘Do Not Call List’. Let me say this again: I got an unsolicited EMAIL about stopping UNSOLICITED phone calls. Im looking forward to the PHONE CALL about signing something to encourage the government to stop spam.

The thing that really bugs me is the totally pointless nature of this issue. The ‘do not call list’ is one of those bipartisan political platforms that EVERYONE has to agree on. It’s like standing on the position that pedophiles should be put in prison. Everyone can agree upon it (unless youre an archbishop – then that’s not cool apparently).

But MORE it’s like the products on late night infomercials where they claim their product can do AMAZING things then you read the small print at the bottom of the screen and all the testimonials are by actors and ‘results not typical – yours may vary’. Because really, the only people that call me are companies that I have purchased from in the last 18 months, politicians and non-profit organizations. The cases exempt for the ‘do not call’ list ARE companies youve purchased from within the last 18 months, politicians and not for profit organizations.

What does this list do? NOTHING. It’s like the airport security taking away a knife youre trying to get on the plane only for a flight attendant to give you a KNIFE with your first class meal(Uh yeah, if you think Im kidding, click here)!! NOTHING.

So what are you going to do about an unsolicited phone call that DOESNT fall into those three categories? Report them to the authorities? NO. Youre either going to buy whatever they have to sell (which is why they call – because SOMEONE somewhere buys freshly minted coins with certified authenticity) or HANG UP ON THEM like everyone else.

As far as everyone whining about being interupted during dinner – USE YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE – THAT IS WHY YOU BOUGHT IT! You already spent money to screen callers – use it.

I rather my tax dollars be stolen and used for CRACK than this FLUFF. I said it. I’d be happier knowing that some POTHOLE in Iraq was being filled in with platinum just for kicks than man hours spent on the ‘do not call’ list.

Signing up for this list is as stupid as signing a petition to let Canada secede from the Union and just as effective.

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