Inaugural Week ‘Rocks’

Let the festivities begin! At the “America’s Future Rocks Today” inaugural youth concert, Hilary Duff was the headliner, only one rock musician used only one curse word, the twins were sober, and the DC Armory was half full with people (most of them being secret service) .
Making ‘America’s future’ want to take up SQUARE DANCING for some excitement.

Laura Bush addressed the crowd:

“My call to you all is that as you enjoy the great freedoms of America and as you enjoy yourself at this inauguration, I hope you take away the lesson of helping somebody in need,” said Laura Bush. “And when you do, it will not only make our country a better place, it will lift up your own spirit.”

Mrs. Bush, youre right. I just gave Halliburton a 5-year no bid contract and you know what? My spirit has really been lifted. Thanks.

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