If You Dont Like President Bush – You Enjoy Terrorism

Bush is getting protested in Britain. How do you get your ALLIES to build an effigy of you and topple it? That must be pure talent.

To me it’s like when my mother would bring home a boyfriend my brother and I didnt like. He would come over to the house and we’d dress up like Guantanamo Bay detainees and hold up signs calling him a terrorist. It really got our message across. Just wait, after Bush storms out of the country Blair will say,”You never like anyone I bring over! You WANT ME TO BE ALONE, DONT YOU!?!”

Bush is launching TV ads because his ratings are lower. “Some are now attacking the president for attacking the terrorists.” It says.

Translation: “If you dont like President Bush – you enjoy terrorism.” It’s like those IQ tests on logic: Bush hates terrorists. People hate Bush. Therefore all people that hate Bush must be terrorists. True? False?

Let’s try some more:

Americans enjoy smoke screens. Bush utilizes smoke screens most of the time. Therefore all Americans enjoy Bush as president.

Corporate corruption is in Texas. Bush is from Texas. Most corporate corruption can be linked to Bush.

Approval ratings go up when our country is attacked. Attacks on our country inspire fear. Therefore Bush likes FEAR.

Americans have the right to criticize their leaders. Bush calls his critics un-American. Therefore all Americans that exercise their rights are un-American.

Now that I think of it: Where are the anti-war protesters in this country? The war isnt over. The BRITISH know that. The government declared the war over and the dissenters AGREED!!! The number of US deaths in Iraq has surpassed the number of American soldiers killed during the first two years of the Vietnam War. We’ve had more soldiers killed since Baghdad fell than prior! Im not going to mention the number of Iraqi deaths because I cant find that statistic anywhere.

What happened to the voice of dissent? Did they all go back to smoking weed, watching South Park and downloading the latest celebrity porno? The peace sign has been bought out by Verizon and they all give up and smugly surmise that they are like Thoreau with TiVo?

American dissent has stopped. The British protests are entertaining. Therefore the American anti-war movement is being out shown by FOREIGNERS!

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