Peace Out!


Cindy Sheehan is standing up for something she believes in. She wants the US out of Iraq. That takes courage. Humans don’t like people that talk about peace. We hate it. There is a tendency to kill the messenger…





What is it about human beings? As soon as someone says they are a pacifist – suddenly we line up to kick their ass?

It’s probably the same quirk that makes married men so attractive.

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  1. Matt

    I normally do not watch the f network, but for some reason I flipped by it and watched for a bit. It was interesting to see them comment on how basically she was being un-american for even to think of questioning. While they showed a hand picked mother that was at the rally the other day who was all gung ho about her kids serving. Wouldn’t it be nice to think we have neutral journalism these days… Oh yeah NPR.

  2. Mahogany Elle

    Great points here. I think there’s something in the basic human makeup that makes us self-destructive. Christians would say it goes back to original sin. Others would say that it’s from that biological survival of the fittest, Lord of the Flies mentality… Whatver it is, we seem to more naturally pick up the guns instead of the gusto… and shy from the braver choice… standing down and not engaging.

    Anyways, will be back to this site, cheers!

  3. ticklebug

    She does have a lot of courage. I could never do what she’s doing.

    What about mothers who lose their children to drunk drivers: (MADD) Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Sometimes it takes a loss of a loved one to get you on your feet to keep it from happening to others.

  4. Vector

    Original sin? It’s so hard to be original these days. But we try, very hard.

    Anyone who promotes peace is a threat to our society, because then we would have to live in peace and the news networks would only have happy things to show all day long. And then the whole world would become as one big family and there would be no borders anymore and we would all be just brothers and sisters and then we would have to decide which God would be the one and only…and around that time probably someone would smack someone else and we would be back to square one.
    So, in conclusion, it’s just easier to whack’em before we get that far.

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