I know the conversation is dead when we start talking about the weather…

I went to Wharton, Texas for Christmas to be with my grandparents. A week before I called my grandmother.

Me: “Grama, it looks like we are going to have snow on Christmas Eve.”

Grama: “Where did you hear such a thing?”

Me: “I read it on the internet.”

Grama: “You know better than to trust things you read on that internet.”

HA! For the first time in over a hundred years it snowed in that part of Texas. The hottest, muggiest, flattest place you can imagine at sea level – it snowed there. It’s a swamp! They have alligators waddling around everywhere – it snowed there. Not just a little snow either – there was over five inches on the ground.

Now, Im not an alarmist – but we’re DOOMED!

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