I don’t know either, Karl

Okay, the way I see it – Karl Rove has gotten in trouble for leaking information to his pal Bob Novak before. The great thing about a group of people that are as committed to cronyism as the Bush Administration – “The Blame Game for Plame” becomes circular after a while, with hints of ‘others’ involved.


Washington Post Oct. 20, 2005
Rove has also testified that he also heard about Plame from someone else outside the White House, but could not recall who.

It sounds awfully similar to what I said the first time my mother found pot in my room. “It’s not MINE – it’s my friend’s. BUT, not any friend you KNOW about – someone else – whose name I forgot….It’s their weed.”

Come on Karl, I know that the Jeff Gannon plant didn’t work out – but you’d think you’d get a better story together than one I came up with when I was high.

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  1. Abby Taylor

    I love that analogy. I guess when we’re in big trouble, we go back to our roots.

    You know, no one has attempted to throw Jeff Gannon under the Plame Blame Game Bus. I wonder why not. Wouldn’t he take the hit for Karl if he were asked to?

  2. Tina D.

    I think they were planning to but it got foiled by the ‘liberal media’ finding out that Jeff Gannon wasnt a real journalist but a real male prostitute.

  3. Michael Hussey

    Tiny, Jeff Gannon is throwing himself under the Plame bus. MY pal (and Raw Story writer) Ron Brynaurt details how he saw a memo about Plame. All he really did was plagiarize a Wall Street Journal artice. Really, who leaks to Talon News.

    Short answer: Gannon said he wrote about a fake leak for a fake news service. Which got him a real subpoena from Patrick Fitzgerald. The man is stupid beyond words.

  4. reverend gisher

    I had the same thing happen with the plants I was growing in my closet. Amazing it took her months to notice the bright light in there. Thanks for completing the circle Tina, really appreciate it. Today is bash the pope day. If you have any venom built up, come on by.
    champagne kisses!

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