Happy Earth Day


The day where we let the Earth know, our intentions.

Humans: “Hey, Earthy ol’ pal – we are going to save you.”

Earth: “Save me? Here’s an earthquake – go save yourselves.”

A couple of volcanoes later:

Earth: “And by the way, ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ it doesn’t hurt me – it hurts YOU! Go save yourselves.

3 Comments Happy Earth Day

  1. CW Fisher

    Tina! Great new look! I like the feet. Your post gave me an idea for a Talking Earth doll. Pull the string, it cusses you out in Mother Earth’s voice. “You son of a bitches! Ruined my flowers!!” “My atmosphere! What have you done to my atmosphere??” “Oh, you like storms, do you? Romantic, are they? I’ll make you wet.”

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