Half Way Through

Strangest place to do a radio interview: Five miles up a dirt road in Montana to a radio station in some guy’s basement. He was the Wayne’s World of Country Music. However, getting and keeping an FCC license in this day of major media conglomerates, is no easy task. Props to him.

Most beautiful drive: The Columbia River Gorge. It’s on the border of Oregon and Washington State – stunning.

Strangest coincidence: The owner of the bar in Anaconda is the father of a guy that I knew in high school. That wouldn’t be too weird if I went to high school in Montana. But I went to high school in Northern California.

Stupidest thing anyone has said to me after I did a set with a severe head cold: “The stuff you wrote is really funny but you really need to work on your timing.” Then I sneezed on him.

Best compliment: Two girls (they were a bit buzzed) came up to me and repeated my jokes to me. And then repeated them again. And again.

Things I didn’t think I would miss at home: Reading online newspapers for hours. My espresso maker. TiVo. Sleeping passed 11 am.

Thing I knew I would miss and do: My dog.

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