Grants Pass, OR

Ive lost track of my tally…I know this is the 16th
hotel room Ive slept in since I left. I think Ive seen
this room in crime scene photos on Court TV. YIKES!

It could be worse. I could be a liberal college prof
on The Fox News Hit List. The irony of a mind numbing
network denouncing free thought is not lost on me.
Honestly, Ive really never watched Fox until this trip
(life being too short and all). I think watching Fox
would make our Founding Fathers cry. When did
McCarthyism come back into fashion? Get out your
poodle skirts and bobby socks – lets hoola!

Anyway, Im blogging, again on my cell phone and its
really limited as to what I can do…like a long post,
for example.

1 Comment Grants Pass, OR

  1. Mike McClure

    Awww, c’mon…….it wasn’t that bad was it? It was probably just that one place. You should have stayed at……….hmmm, no maybe not there…….. Ahhhhh……hmmm. Well there’s always……….well….ahhh, ok – I see your point. We do have a Holiday Inn Express now – lol

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