Good Times

I am going to admit something to you, dear readers. I look down upon people that watch reality shows. I make fun of them. I insult them to their faces. I insult them behind their backs. I generally think they are gullible. It’s a cheap form of entertainment; making rich kids do manual labor, making pretty people eat bugs and getting semi-famous people to be bitchy on camera. The reality genre is the polyester of entertainment – if there is a wrinkle – it’s because it was designed that way.

But then, I woke up this morning and felt a little excitement in my heart that I had Tivo-ed CSPAN. I thought about the Mier’s nomination, Plame-Gate and Bush’s sinking approval ratings with the joy I imagine children have for Christmas.

Then it hit me: I am a reality show junkie. Oh, I pretend that I’m better than the people that watch Survivor – but now I see that we are kindred spirits. Politics IS my reality show.

And while most simple ‘reality’ television dramas have an hour to watch each week. Political junkies have entire libraries and whole cable channels completely devoted to our fix. Think of Civics Class as a ‘gateway drug’ to an entire world of depravity. You can turn back to history, you can project about the future – the Universe is circular and that’s why in politics – WE SPIN AND SPIN.

I can’t imagine politics being anymore entertaining than they are right now. I really can’t.

  • The DeLay indictment.
  • Plame-Gate
  • Bush has yet to make a mistake.
  • Jeff Gannon
  • Halliburton/Iraq
  • A move to recall Schwarzenegger.
  • The list goes on and on!!!

    What entertains me more than anything right now is the Religious Right (I’m a comic, I laugh at premises instead of punchlines). It’s such an easy set-up. Like the cinematic main stay, if you have a gun in the first act – someone HAS to die in the third. If you claim moral superiority, you are GOING to be found to be just as morally inferior as the REST OF US. It’s just a matter of time. Publicity coupled with self-righteousness, a heavy dose of finger wagging and new political power? You’re just BEGGING for it! That up coming debacle is akin to SWEEPS WEEK for this ongoing saga!

    The Religious Right really is funny. America has the worst obesity epidemic in the world. What’s their Sin Du Jour? Gluttony? No. It’s gays being legally bound to each other and birth control. About 12% of this country is impoverished. Who do they reach out to? The poor and disenfranchised? No. They reach out to the rich and the political elite. To help the poor? No.

    The Religious Right reaches out to the political elite to keep the poor – single, if they’re gay and abortion free, if they’re straight.

    Jesus should copyright his name and likeness as to not have his stock go down by shoddy imitators. – Oh but that’s another post for another time.

    Anyway, the point is: I’m enthralled. This is BETTER than an election year!

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    1. Abby Taylor

      Great post! You wove those ideas together beautifully.

      And, for the record… I do not watch The Apprentice on Wednesday, and Thursday, nights at 9:00 pm eastern (8 pm central).

    2. Tina D.

      I know! Im a reformed reality show watchers – basher! I’ve SEEN THE LIGHT! I’ve changed! Forgive my evil thoughtless ways, Abby!

    3. BeckEye

      Did you ever see that SNL skit they did where they put Bob Dole in the Real World house? It was hilarious. Politics and reality TV belong together.

      Nobody sits in Bob Dole’s chair!

    4. indeteminacy

      In the 80’s the religious right was funny, amusing and hilarious to me. But now they frighten me more than anything. I wish they would go back to being ridiculous.

    5. kyknoord

      “…making rich kids do manual labor, making pretty people eat bugs and getting semi-famous people to be bitchy on camera…” Damn! I never watch reality shows, but now I desparately want to see what I’ve been missing.

    6. reverend gisher

      Glad to see the new post,

      you are one of my “fixes”. I am glad you clued me in to CSPAN being reality T.V. I had always thought it was situation comedies.

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