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Dear Tina,

I am hopelessly lost in depression. How do I get out of it?


Dear Brett,

Like mother always said, depression is God’s way of telling you – you’re a loser.

You must stop FAILING at everything you try and then you won’t be depressed.

God speed Brett.

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  1. woody pulps

    since i am a licensed, practicing psychiatrist i must tell you that you have scored what we call a therapeutic bullseye. you have hit the nail on head or any other lame metaphor you may want to use. mother was also right about her approach to stress management, don’t smoke or drink, eat your veggies, get plenty of sleep, exercise daily, drink lots of water, and don’t go to comedy shows. and always remember: being a comedian is God’s way of telling you that you can’t get a real job.

    woody pulps xxxooo

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