Fuzzy Math, Gigli investors, and Howard Dean’s Pledge Drive

According to Bush’s speech to reservists and National Guardsmen (people that are awaiting orders to ship off to Baghdad) in New Hampshire, the war in Iraq is going,”A lot better than you probably think.”

This is leadership in its finest hour. I hope this becomes his campaign slogan. “George Bush 2004, A Lot Better Than You Probably Think.”

It’s like the producer of Gigli telling all of their investors,”This movie is a lot better than you probably think.” Ah, it kind of has to be true.

Bush’s entire tenure is marked by the ‘kind of true’. You know – fuzzy math. He kind of won an election. He kind of was a war hero. He kind of ‘helped’ the economy. He kind of got international support for the invasion of Iraq. He kind of destroyed Saddam. But really, not really…you know. That made more sense than you probably think.

Im addicted to the Democratic Debates. I watched the one last night. First – Judy Woodruff needs to sit down and stop blocking camera shots of candidates and making the whole event feel as awkward as her gape. Unless youre going to hold up score cards are poke the candidates that are boring – SIT DOWN.

I have no party affiliations. The republicans are FOR the death penalty and AGAINST abortions. The democrats are AGAINST the death penalty and FOR abortions. It’s really all the same dribble after a while. The republicans used to be for small government – but the Bush Administration has the largest government in the history of the country and stands on platforms like more Big Fat Wars – that are blatantly Big Government.

You know why fucknuts get elected in this country? Because all we have are two fucknuts and they cause extreme political apathy and the majority stay home on voting day. What we need is a candidate that doesnt make people want to vote for them but makes people want to VOTE. That’s the only good thing I can say about Arnold. Yeah, he’s a puppet and up there on the fucknut meter – but at least he got people to the polls. Yeah, he’s a trite HACK, but at least he impassioned a majority of voters to actually VOTE.

Im swaying towards Howard Dean. I like what Al Sharpton does to the debates, but I’d never vote for him. I like Dean because in the debate with the Black Caucus, when asked what his favorite song was, he chose some obscure song he possibly really preferred than a song that had a political message in the title. Because the other candidates are stuffed shirts saying things you’d expect from a stuffed shirt. It’s because people that have never given money to a political candidate have given Dean $20 bucks or so. Which makes his campaign more like a NPR or PBS pledge drive – commercial free with an independent spirit and a full of words that Bush would have to look up.

So everyone should vote next year because the political process ‘is a lot better than you probably think’.

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