9 Comments Freddy Soto Dead at 35

  1. jrdamien

    It’s bothersome to see people die young, though for some reason it stings especially bad when they’re talented. Sometimes I get consumed with this death terror – that it’ll all be over before I’ve told all the stories I have to tell and graced all the stages I have to grace, and the whole frustrating mess boils down into a peculiar nihilism. Then sometimes I remind myself of that fable by Chuang Tzu who came upon a skull on the road and pitied it, to which the skull said, “How do you know being dead is such a bad thing?”

  2. Tina D.

    JR, this is the second of my contemporaries to die in the past couple of months.

    I appreciate what you’re saying…however

    too soon!

  3. Tina D.

    I know it wasnt a slight. What you wrote was thoughtful and eloquent. And my comment was…well neither. Would you think less of me if I deleted this entire post?

  4. jrdamien

    Yes, of course! No “do-overs” just because it’s easy. 🙂 It’s a tribute, afterall, and those often get expressed only as rambles and frustration.

  5. "Ferny" F.

    Freddy will be missed tremendously. This is my expirience. I got to know Freddy as he was coming up as he opened for Carlos Mencia in Addison. He would stop by the radio statioin “KICK-FM” and we would have him on our Morning show. He was a great guy behind the mic. He was a very uniquie, and will be missed. REGARDLESS…………………

  6. Rob

    I met Freddy years ago growing up in El Paso. I’d run into him in Juarez, just like everyone did in those days. I caught one of his shows a few years back when he was with Steve Trevino in Dallas. Talked to him for a bit after the show and became a fan of his humor. We both grew up in the same town, around the same people, so we both “go it.” He’s gonna be missed. I remember when his daughter was born and how happy he was. I hope that his family and friends keep his memory alive. You’re gonna be missed Freddy.

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