For the children…

The new FCC chairman Kevin J. Martin is ‘boning up’ for a war on obscenity. Here’s something to be freaked out by – a government agency just hired an ACTIVIST to advise them on policy issues.

This summer, Martin hired one of the activists, Penny Nance, to work in the FCC’s Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, a position that will allow her to advise on indecency issues. Nance founded the Kids First Coalition, a group that fights abortion, cloning and indecency in the name of “pro-child, pro-family public policy.” She has long been one of the nation’s leading anti-pornography crusaders, testifying repeatedly before Congress. During the last presidential campaign, she appeared on Fox News as a “suburban stay-at-home mom” to say that women believe President Bush will “protect our children.”

Penny Nance makes me LAUGH. She’s a stay-at-home-mom like I’m an accountant. She stays at home as much as I balance my check book. Which means she’s a shill. A shrill – shill at that.

In public talks, she describes herself as a “victim of pornography” because she says a man who once tried to rape her watched porn.

Oh yeah? Well I’m a victim of ESPN because a man TRIED to assault me watched sports on TV. Put that in your logical fallacy pipe and SMOKE IT. (Thanks for that one Ticklebug)

It has long been theorized that there may be a link between pornography, particularly violent pornography, and an increase in sex crime. This theory has relatively little empirical support and indeed Japan, which is noted for violent pornography, has the lowest reported sex crime rate in the industrialized world, which has led some researchers to speculate that an opposite relationship may in fact exist; that wide availability of pornography may reduce crimes by giving potential offenders a socially accepted way of regulating their own sexuality.

God forbid we have a reasonable discussion about naked people ‘doing it’ on camera and its effects on society. Oh no! Simple capitalism leads me to believe that porn is very popular…while rape is much less popular. Not that I have the data to back that statement up. BUT NO! It’s about protecting CHILDREN.

No it’s not. It’s about using hysteria and fear to further an agenda.

But, let’s talk about children. Let’s talk about how children are being used in this ‘war on obscenity’ in the most deplorable manner. There are being used as pawns – as excuses – to treat the ENTIRE population like children. “Dirty words are bad – hide your uglies!”

Kids First? That’s important – yes. However, bad words don’t hurt children. Porn still being legal doesn’t hurt children.

Poverty hurts children!

Pollution hurts children!

Poor education – hurts children!

Pedophile priests – hurt children!

But crude language – children like. They do. Just ask one. If you make just saying a word taboo – kids love it. You want to make kids hate bad words – use them often in front of them. They’ll never use them again.

And porn isn’t for kids. It’s called ‘adult entertainment’. It’s sold at ‘adult stores’. It runs on ‘adult channels’. It’s for ADULTS – which a vast majority of the country is – adult.

So Penny Nance – you want to help children? Put down the porn and the misguided self-righteousness and look at the list. Go help.

But you’re not going to do that. You’re going to use all your strategic planning to get bad words off cable TV. Seems a waste when there are children that really do need to be protected.

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