Fock Fox – You Focks

Nothing is ever as BAD or as GOOD as you find on Fox News.

According to Fox News – 25,000 people were/could/perhaps going to die because of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans could be completely wiped off the map. ‘Catastrophic’ was used before the first drop of rain hit. If you watched Fox News – the apocalypse was upon the Gulf Coast. The meteorologists all turned into weather pundits on steroids. “This will obliterate Louisiana!!! *grunt* *grunt*

That’s irresponsible for entertainment purposes. It’s even WORSE for informative purposes.


As I watched the coverage – irked that most of the ‘reporters’ hadn’t bothered to research that Louisiana doesn’t have ‘counties’ (they have parishes). I don’t expect anyone working for Fox to be a journalists or anything – but at least ASK someone how to pronounce the NAME of the town you’re in before you go live. So I found myself watching their coverage hoping to see debris hit a field reporter in the head. That’s as investigative as you can get. “Gee – sure is windy out there. Thanks for that report – Ed.”

I have a lot of family that live in Louisiana. My last name, Dupuy, is Cajun. This is the SECOND Hurricane Katrina that has threatened my family. My uncle married the first one. And she NEVER got downgraded to a category 2…

I just have to say that this area of the world has been ravaged by hurricanes FOREVER. The worse thing about hurricane as MOST natural disasters is that it’s the poor that get hit the hardest. But that may be true aside from natural disasters. Actually hurricanes are the one rare time we actually pay attention to them and their situation.

Back to Fox News: Parasites feeding off human misery. They’re like comic book villains – the worse the tragedy – the more fear they drum up – the stronger they become. Imagine a big blob over taking the country roaring,”Deadliest Ever! Fair and Balanced! Millions at risk! We report you decide!”

Yes, this is a picture of a man mooning Hurricane Katrina. And still – the real assholes we’re in the Fox News Room.

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