Faithfully Yours


Okay, all you non-Christian, ‘people of no faith’, unchanged, atheists, scientists, Democrats, agnostics and secular humanists. I’ve had enough!

You people don’t hold a monopoly on virtue deficiencies. This is just propaganda. No longer will anyone believe that only the godless can be morally objectionable.

No, times are changing. And as people of faith have gained political power and celebrity status – they have captured the public attention. Soon it will be very clear: religious people are just as human as regular humans.

For too long has the collective unconscious ASSUMED that evil is only obtainable by forsaking religious doctrine. It’s a lie. I know you think to yourself,”This person is devout, they must be good – good at everything – especially judging.” This bias against religious people has to stop!

I know we all hold this secret prejudice, it’s understandable. But let’s examine this for a moment:

Pedophilia: It’s finally known that you don’t have to be an atheist to be a child rapist. Men of God can do that too!

Seemingly random violence: It’s not just for loner, heavy metal fans anymore. You can now praise God (or Allah) when you blow things up.

Political corruption: You think only Quakers can accomplish that? No! Now you can go to a REAL church on Sunday AND break the law on Monday.

All people are equal in the eyes of God! Meaning, if you don’t believe in God – it doesn’t give you special permission to do all the reprehensible things people of faith enjoy.

Note this: We are equals!

God Bless America!

5 Comments Faithfully Yours

  1. dave

    You want to be careful about talking smack about the Quakers. Piss them off, and they are liable to sit quietly. For hours. And hours.

  2. reverend gisher

    I was going to tell a joke about pee-wee herman, but then I realized it would trample upon the mood Dave created, and jesus h. he finally said something sorta funny. Wow, you and the good father on a good one today girl.

  3. blott

    Nice post Dupuy! You’ve ruined all of the default
    excuses for my behavior. Catholic baptism, Jehovah’s
    Witness babysitter, and pinko Humanist college days.
    Thanks a whole lot… I might have to take an
    objective look at my conduct now.

  4. Brian Dowell

    Where do you get this crazy idea that all people are equal in God’s eyes? Religion would completely fall apart, if that principle were put in place. And then morality would mean nothing. I have hope that God is nicer to those of us who try to good and do our best to get through life harming as few people as possible than He is to assholes or Yankee fans.

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