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  1. Abby Taylor

    Love it! Well, let me clarify. I loved you and Rick! Now… how can I put this….

    What the HELL is wrong with Steve Young? Has there EVER been a worse interviewer? You and Rick kicked ass together, especially considering ol’ Steve was marching to the beat of the voices in his head.

    Loved that 1993-1993 joke. Very clever and quick thinking.

  2. Greg

    Its obvious that the guy who interviewed you didnt have a firm grasp….on…. anything.

    Nice job of dealing with it


  3. Mark Alread

    So whats with all the french stuff? And since when did Air America hire Bill Oreilly to interview you and Rick. He yammers on and on like he knows a crap and wont freakin let anyone even hear what you are saying with out yammering on over your words. He is like the soup nazi of interviewers. “No air time for YOU!” Geesh what ever happened to asking a question and then paying attention to the answer. Nowdays they just stick a guests butt in a chair ask a question, proceed to half ass answer their own question with some scripted diatribe and then prattle on about how great they are. If this is the type of stuff he does then give him his mega dittoes dose of oxycontin and send him home.

  4. Dianne

    You two have some great chemistry together. It would have been a great deal if Steve Young didnt have a Bunsen Burner in his…

    Ya’ done good


  5. pete

    Tina, good radio. You’re pacing was excellent, focused and I don’t think that steve was that bad, but he was like most hosts keeping himself the star of it…
    Good PR work, you might just have a future as an event promoter for positive change projects. Oh and rick was funny. Peace out bitches

  6. Abby Taylor

    Pete’s just being nice to Steve in case he gets on his show later. Steve was “that bad.” 😉

    Of course Pete’s assessment of your appearance was spot on.

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