Eh, just stuff

I must be more important that I thought I was. I’m getting deluged with spam comments on this blog. The kind that plug an online casino, where you can get cheap Viagra and a better rate on your mortgage while enlarging your penis AND helping out some foreign nationals.

If real life were only as grand as spam.

Anyway, to combat this I’m going to moderate the comments. I have to approve them before they post. It kind of sucks. If anyone has a better idea than that. Let me know. Post it in the comments and then I’ll approve it and then we’ll have a discussion…

5 Comments Eh, just stuff

  1. indeterminacy

    I just returned from vacation to work and found 2400 e-mails had been isolated by my spam filter in two weeks time, 90 slipped through and mingled with the 60 so real mails, so I still had some sorting to do. It all started when I registered to vote last year via absentee ballot. I made the mistake of sending along a card with my e-mail address on it, registiering as a republican. What else could I do? My registration as a democrat mysteriously went missing. P.S. Are you interested in a college loan, Christian dating or phallic attachments with a “real feel”? I can send you some information about that. (OK, I lied. I haven’t yet seen any spams in the latter category, but I’m sure a wave will start up sometime.
    P.P.S. I missed your sardonicism while I was away. I didn’t have a chance to do as much blog reading as I’d wanted.

  2. Tina D.

    Awe – thanks JR. I downloaded the plug in – but I havent got it to work yet. But it seems like the perfect solution! Very cool.

    Welcom home Indie – we missed you!

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