Dubya, Dubya, Dubya, Dot Freedom

tina The Washington Post just ran an article about the TSA loosing control of $300 million to a contractor.

bush You can’t put a price on freedom.

tina No. Of course not. But I think you can put a price on contracts. Actually, I think a contract is a price. You know, the bid says,”We can do the job for this amount.” and then you say,”Okay, that amount is fine.”…

bush You always fail to see the big picture. That’s my job. I think about things everyday. We need smaller government, the Patriot Act and less activists judges. In order to defend freedom.

tina That wasn’t my point.

bush When you’re ‘on message’ you don’t have to worry about points. I’m no flip-flopper. We have to continue to fight. God bless Amauhrica.

tina You’re scaring me.

bush Scare hell, the terrorists never stop thinking about how to harm and kill American’s and neither do we.

tina Have you lost your mind?

bush Hehe…I don’t pay attention to polls. I’m spreading democracy – being tough and it’s hard. You know, it’s hard. The terrorists! Freedom! Terror! September 11th!

tina Okay, back to this Washington Post article….Don’t you think $4.4 million is excessive for “no show” fees on competency exams?

bush Heehe, after the towers came down, the world changed. We live in a different world. We are a country at war with an enemy. I asked Amauhricans following the terrorist attacks to help our economy, so the terrorist wouldn’t destroy our way of life.

tina Right, instead of joining the military to fight you asked people to–

bush Spend money, that’s right. Go on vacation, like I do. That’s what the tax cuts were all about. Spend your money, it’s yours. It doesn’t belong to the government. A strong economy. A strong Amauhrica. I have political capital to spend.

tina So NCS Pearson Inc. billing the taxpayers $3500 for renting power strips…

bush They were doing what I asked them to do. A strong economy means spending money. Heehe, this doesn’t make any sense to me. If we don’t spend money – there’s no economy to be strong and no way of life for the terrorist to destroy because they hate freedom…September 11th.

tina A $300 million gouge–

bush The sacrifice is worth it…September 11th.

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  1. pete

    Love it. Smart, innovative, witty. Course I’m sick, and have drank half a bottle of nyquil.

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