Day two, Bozeman

New tally:

new jokes 3
new jokes that worked 3
hours driving so far 24
hours slept last night 8!!

Wow. Most unfriendly town ever! Totally indifferent to
outsiders. Usually after you do a show people are
nice. They talk to you. Some in this town did most
were stand offish. We even didnt have a bad show. That I
would understand.

The one guy that did go out of his way said,You
shouldnt tell people youre from LA, we think people
from LA are douch bags. Funny, because I think people
from LA are douch bags beause they act like people in

I took pictures of some oddities on the walls of this
motel. I have to post them later. It might be bad form
to use the motels computer to announce how neglectful
the cleaning crew is…Yeah you get the idea. GROSS!

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