Day Three: Idaho Falls, ID

If you ever find yourself in Idaho Falls – you have to
eat at Pinecrest Fish and Steak House. Trust me. It

This is a majority Mormon town. Thank Gawd, Mormons
dont go to comedy shows. People that want to laugh go
to comedy shows. It was such a fun show! Everyone told
me this was a rough gig. Its a loud bar. Its hard not
to be freaked out that if you say the wrong thing,
someone will chuck a beer bottle at you. You just
better be funny. I always have that moment right
before I go up, I think,I really do this as a chosen
career? Im nuts. Then after a bit when I can tell the
crowd is with me, its SO COOL. The buzz never lasts
though. I go back to obsessing about what I could have
done better within seconds. I wish I had musical
talent. Darn.

Latest tally:
total hours driven 29
hours of sleep last night 4ish

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