Day Off

I woke up this morning and my fever broke! Thanks for all the nice notes. I’ve never been so happy to feel so mediocre. Now I just have a head cold. Again, I cant tell you how happy I am to just sneeze and be stuffed up.

Im somewhere in Washington state, half way between gigs. Had the most unromantic Chinese food dinner with the headliner. We debated on throwing the food on the floor and screaming that our Valentines re-conciliation dinner had been ruined by their crappy food. “Now we really are getting a divorce! The kids are going to an orphanage and it’s all because you don’t know what egg flower soup should taste like!!”

Valentines Day is stupid. They may take away my Chick Card for saying this, but this day sucks. As if being alone doesn’t suck enough on Christmas and New Years, we have another holiday to make sure you suffer. Fuck this day.

Anyway, this week Oregon….

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