Day 9 Helena, MT

New Tally:
T-shirts sold 6
New jokes total 5
New jokes tonight 1 1/2
New jokes that worked in Helena 0

First off a friend of mine called me and I was telling him a story about what I was doing and he said,”Yeah, I know that one, I read your blog.” So screw you Karl. If you were a really good friend you’d let me tell you twice because I like telling these stories.

Anyway, hard show. A really hard show. I didn’t feel like I did well. I felt like I bombed. I had the crowd with me on a joke and then they went cold again and then they liked a joke and then they didn’t. Sweet. Everyone was just sitting, being quiet and smiling at me. It wasn’t like they wanted to throw something. They were just weird…quiet. I was upset and then the headliner had the same problem. They were with him and then they were dead. It made me feel better. I never blame the crowd. I always think I could have done SOMETHING better. That really great comics can figure out a crowd and adjust accordingly.

I had applause breaks and then silence. Such a strange crowd.

On to the next show. I have a new bit for tomorrow. I love comedy. All I do is sit around and talk shit and that passes for writing. “You should do that on stage, dude.” Hot.

I’m curious. Is anyone besides Freddie and Karl reading my blog. Just post a comment. I’m a comic I like to know something about my audience.

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