Day 5, Glasgow MT

New tally:
43 hours of driving
hours slept last night (a shoddy) 5
new jokes 4

If you want to know where I am. Turn on the Weather Channel. See the little blue dot that is -0? That’s where I am. The rest of the country is a chilly 40 and then the dark blue dot, near Canada is where I am. The Canadians don’t even have cities near here. Im in a fog of being cold, being creeped out by my hotel room and shaking hands with the locals, some are fun and some suck. All are white. Bunch of white people. Tons of white people. I can’t remember any names and there faces are all big white blur.

I have no cell reception within a hundred miles of here. For the first time this trip I feel isolated and lonely. I feel lonely. Im a stand up because Im not a team player and now I am lonely. My defenses are down. Im exhausted.


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