Day 11 Butte, MT

New Tally:
T-shirts 8
New Jokes 6
I lost track of hecklers

Another 5 hour drive to get to a 3 PM radio spot. My mantra is “they’re not paying me what I’m worth but, I’m happy to have the work”. I just keep saying that to myself. Show up at the time they ask me to be there, do the time they ask me to do on stage, be nice to the staff… I’m like a little joke-telling robot. A robot or a German, take your pick.

The first week I was just exhausted. Now I have hit my stride. I am used to no sleep, sitting in a car for long hours, and eating crappy food. All I can think is that I have 2 dates left in Montana. I want to get out of Montana. On the top of the mountain in Butte there is a huge statue of the Virgin Mary. At night it is lit up so it looks like it is floating in the sky. Casper the Immaculate. There are towns in the South that would think twice about having a glow-in-the-dark Virgin Mary. And I keep on seeing Confederate flags… Dude have you seen the History Channel. You’re in Montana. The South ain’t gonna rise this far north.

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