Day 10 Kalispell, MT

7 Shirts
2 DVDs sold

We had a 5 hour drive to this town. Stumbled into the
local radio station to do 3 interviews, 3 different DJs,
for 3 seperate stations. Equaling over 40 minutes of idle gab.
The headliner took a nap while I went and did sound check.
Went back to my room and rested, showered and went to the
show. Didn’t have a great set, but had a lot of prep
for not a great set. Which kind of makes it worse.
Some crowds don’t like chicks making with the funny. I
thought I sensed that. But, I dont blame the audience.
It’s my job to make it work. Some nights it’s easier
than others. Tonight was not one of those easy nights.

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