Comedy – yadda yadda

I had a show at a college on Orange County at noon. Comedy at noon. Hitting morning commuter traffic is very weird when you’re a comic.

Anyway, I’m going to put this on my sidebar, but I thought I would announce it here first:

I love comedy. I love stand up. I love it. I love working. I love writing. I love the traveling. It’s the coolest thing I could think to do with my life.

Comedians, for the most part are terrible people. I have had other comics be incredibly evil to me. The less successful the comedian – the bigger the douche bag. If it wasn’t for politicians – comedians would be the scummiest people on earth.

However, I have had truly wonderful comedians, give freely of their time with no thought of personal gain. They have helped me get work and become a better stand up. I have had several mentors since I started.

So I wanted to make myself available for any questions any newbies or newer-than-mes might have about stand up. I enjoy talking shop, so if you caught the bug – you can email me about it. Whatever I can do to help.

Now I must nap. And then start the count down until Fitzgerald announces his findings….

5 Comments Comedy – yadda yadda

  1. Abby Taylor

    I’d ask you to mentor me, but you already do. Perhaps you didn’t wish to have that publicly announced. I am, officially, more psychotic now than when we first met.

    How’d the show go?

  2. reverend gisher

    Tina, I would appreciate it if you came over to the site today, there is a tribute to you and a few other people, as well as a “conversation” going on in the comment box that I would love for you to participate in, if you have time. I would have posted details here, but I felt the “details” would have altered the forum you started here. I would have sent an email, but a swarm of hackers for jesus and or al franken is giving me mail fits.

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