Comedy: That Bitch-Goddess

Can you spend hours by yourself and not go insane? Do you think the practice of ‘talking shit’ passes for writing? Can you stomach really bad food? Does your spouse only want to see you a couple months out of the year? Is your life dominated by a bravado that people actually want to hear what you have to say? Can you dress in the parking lot – with a hangover and still think of yourself as a professional? Can you sleep until 3pm even when you’re not suicidal? Can you pack for a month in 5-minutes flat? Do you hate job security and health insurance? Do you want to see parts of this country that have NEVER made it into tourist brochures? Is ‘working’ and ‘getting paid’ different in your mind? Does an overly competitive job market excite you beyond belief?

If you answered YES to these questions – than a career in stand up comedy is perfect for you!

That’s right – laugh and the world LAUGHS with you – start a career in comedy and you’re on your own!

2 Comments Comedy: That Bitch-Goddess

  1. Abby Taylor

    Operators are standing by??

    I can sleep til three without suicidality. And I have gotten dressed in parking lots. Don’t ask.

    Hope the tour is going… well?

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