Okay, this blog is finally syndicated so all those professional bloggers (all three of you) can no longer look down on my site. You can now go to and get the skinny without surfing.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, your life is probably better for it.

I’ve set up The Sardonic Sideshow Tip Jar. The first person to ACTUALLY donate over $10 to this site and its humble author, gets a free t-shirt with an autographed headshot. Limited time offer.

Coming soon: My comedy CD will be for sale.

Remember the lettermen’s jackets in high school? The more patches you had – the more of a geek you were? That’s where blogging has evolved – the more crap you have on your sidebars…I don’t tell my family or friends the particulars. They just tell them I write a lot and sometimes people read it.

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