Book of Virtues

“You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down”, said William Bennett. The same man that had prominent posts in the administrations of Reagan and Bush Sr., who is currently a syndicated radio talk show host/author of a really preachy book. Audio here. Other story here.

The book Freakonomics, which Bennett mentioned, talks about the aborting of unwanted children decreased the crime rate 20 years later.

But instead of UNWANTED – Bennett said BLACK.

“Hello Bennett, my name is Freud…
look at my new slip – I was going to go
with a more neutral color – but instead I went with BLACK.”

First off: I was shocked by this comment. Shocked! Shocked! Shocked! Mainly because I haven’t heard any member of the GOP actually be honest about how they feel about black people since Strom Thurmond died.

Shocked because being OVERTLY racist is TOTALLY out of fashion. We’re talking SERIOUS retro faux pas. Ever since the major party conventions started to look like a United Colours of Benneton Ad – racism is out! Gay bashing, poverty dismissing and immigrant blaming – IN!

Hate doesn’t bother us. It’s hating the RIGHT kind of people, that is important.

It angers us because Bennett was implying that ALL black people are criminals. Let’s face it. That’s not true of any group, except the Italians.

Bennett now says that what he said was taken out of context and it was hypothetical. Not possible. He said it.

HOWEVER, there’s still a bit of free speech left. As long as you don’t say it in the context of anything sexual. Or anything in Arabic. Or anything with ‘foul language’. Or anything non-Christian. Or anything MODERATE and INFORMED, for that matter.

I defend his right to say really STUPID, things – AND I defend my RIGHT to make fun of him for it – until you pry it from my cold dead hands.

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  1. Brian Dowell

    Jesus, Tina, you put my quote on your blog, so, now when I decide to be a self-centered jackass and google myself, hundreds of your posts come up…..Serves me right, I guess.
    Anyway, even a partisan like yourself has to admit that the guy’s original point kinda been taken out of context, don’t you think? Bennet was clearly just using a rhetorical example to illustrate something that he felt was absurd. If doing so was a criteria for “racism”, then most every jackass comedian that I’ve ever talked politics ever would have to be branded a racist. Bennet’s was a crime of poor word choice; not an application for Klan membership.
    Besides, even if you take what he said seriously, we have to admit he has a good point. Aborting all black babies WOULD lower the nation’s crime rate. It would also help Republicans in future elections. And it would vastly raise real estate values in Compton…… Hmmm, maybe we could find a way to work that into the next Republican platform…..

    Brian Dowell
    Literate Red-State Native….we’re a dying breed….

  2. Tina D.

    I might be a little sorry about the google bomb. You should know better than to say nice things about me.

    Anyway, ‘Original point’? You act like Im a journalist. Im a comic. I’ll make fun of anyone that does something stupid. I dont care about celebrities – I have nothing left but political figures.

    So call me partisan again – and I’ll hunt you down and hate you silently like a good liberal!

  3. dave

    You seem to be operating under some wild illusion that the GOP needs to cope with little inconveniences like, say… facts.
    “Facts are stupid things.” The Gipper said that. And he was smarter than W even with the Alzheimer’s.
    Did you ever think we’d reach a point where we’d look back wistfully at the Reagan years?
    I’m going to make a fort with the sofa cushions and have a good cry….

  4. The Assimilated Negro

    “from my dead cold hands.”

    mmmm … I bet you’d still be a hottie even if you were cold and dead. mmmm … Negro likey funny woman.

    Since I’m likely to be on the waiting list after many other subpar stalkers and pervs, I guess I’ll point out that I completely agree. Overt racism is out of fashion. But things go in cycles, so maybe it’ll come back. “Apartheid Housewives” anyone? Vintage distressed jeans by Jim Crow? SlavE-Bay?

    hmmm I feel a post coming on… better go to the bathroom.

  5. dave

    Nothing like a necrophilia reference to bring laser-like focus to a debate on race, bigotry, and right-wing rhetoric.
    How long before Rick Santorum (R-PA) takes the Senate floor to launch the man-on-corpse coitus debate?
    (And why do I suspect he’d be less upset about that nasty business than the miscegenation suggested above?)
    Sex is an issue best left to two (or more) consenting adults, their god, and their mortician.

  6. Abby Taylor

    I love the Freud reference. To me that’s the main point. He thought he was doing a point from Freakonomics, but he substituted a racial term for “unwanted” which, yup, says something about his unconscious. The point is statistically sound, but so is “if you abort all the white babies the crime rate goes down” and “if you retroactively abort every gambling addict, the stupidity rate goes down.” Am I rambling? I’m not, am I? AM I?!?

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