Bits and Giggles

Christian Slater was arrested for groping. Hmm – sounds like a primer for Christian to be the next governor of California.

Bush I said that he would like to see his other son, current governor of Florida, Jeb Bush as president. Wouldn’t that be cool? Then our ENTIRE country could be as messed up like Florida. As opposed to being messed up like Texas. Aw, the hope the future holds.

Ralph Nadar wrote an article in the Boston Globe asking for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for misleading Americans into an unjustified war. Nadar, buddy old pal, I think you’ve helped this administration enough. With your track record, an impeachment trial would end up in a revision of the constitution and ANOTHER four years. You’re good luck for the OTHER side. Remember the Bush team trying to get you ON the ballot in ’04? Please be quiet. It’s time to pass the torch and let Hillary insure victory for conservatives.

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