Bill Bradley, Interns and Beer Commercials

I know I have a couple of political junkies that read my blog. If you live in the LA area, you have to check out Big News. It’s the best news based sketch comedy show I’ve ever seen. Brilliant.

I have to say something about Howard Dean. What happened? Some people say it was the scream. Some people say it was bad press. Some people say it was the ‘electability factor’. Some people think it was the Al Gore endorsement. I blame it on Bill Bradley. I blame it on him because it is a theory that hasn’t yet to be explored. The way I figure it, the press likes to throw out that the tallest candidates win. Maybe it’s the endorsement by the tallest ex-candidate that becomes the proverbial kiss of death. Just a thought.

Here’s another: Clinton denied having sexual relations with his intern. He went through an impeachment trial because of it. Bush lies about WMD, rushes us into a war – killing God knows how many people – pissing off God knows how many of our allies – then gets to chose his own ‘intelligence’ panel ala the Warren commission?!? Independent commission means independent of the Bush administration.

Speaking of boobs…Janet Jackson’s is getting more coverage than any other mammary gland in history. People were outraged. “Children were watching! Children, young children – saw breasts!” Yes, children. Young children that a couple of months prior were feeding on breasts. Seeing a breast to a young child has the same effect as a beer commercial to an adult. They suddenly feel thirsty.

There’s something wrong with America when we’re afraid of sex but love war.

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