It’s COLD. It’s cloudy – foggy – whatever – in the 50’s with some drizzle and it’s COLD.

Thank goodness for the people of Berkeley its now called ‘climate change’ because showing up to an August global warming rally in a sweater and mittens would have seemed ridiculous.

Anyway, Rick Overton is playing at Cobbs this weekend. I put up a podcast of our spot on LA radio. Rick is one of those ‘comic’s comics’. He’s the guy that other comedians like to watch. But unlike musician’s music – that is really complicated to play and really painful to listen to – comic’s comics are entertaining to the laymen as well.

As a working comedian, I’m also a student of comedy. I study and watch other comics work. Comedians are big on mentoring other comedians. What you get as a feature act – isn’t money – it’s the opportunity to have time with the headliner. Someone gave them pointers and so they give it away. With those pointers is the often unspoken agreement that you will in turn do the same. Now, imagine a people that are egomaniacal enough to think that them on stage by themselves – with no set dressing and the only props being a stool and a microphone stand – would be captivating enough for ‘date night’ – having to balance that with a mentorship agreement. Sometimes it works beautifully – and sometimes it ends up as a pissing contest as to whose needs to be coached more.

I just keeping telling myself that they aren’t paying me what I’m worth – but I’m happy to have the work. Treat every gig like it was my last – because it could be. Balance that bit of humility with some complaining. Hey look – I’m a typical comedian.

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  1. Tina D.

    I’m working on it. Where ever has the worst winter weather – I’ll be there – probably in the winter.

    JR – I will email you first – I promise!

  2. Tina D.

    Vector, my shirt was in London…not me. My shirt was also on the moon (thanks to you).

    Indie, I don’t know about a German tour. Most Germans dont speak much English – my God theyre worse than the Mexicans in that respect. At this point in my career – and since it’s not the ’80’s comedy boom anymore – I take all gigs that I can get. If I wont lose money getting there – I’ll get there and tell jokes.

  3. Vector

    Oh yeah, that was it. Bummer.
    You know, all the trends are going in a 30-40 year cycle so you only have to wait for another 10-20 years for that ’80s comedy boom to come around again 🙂
    See, there is always a bright side in life, in where, according to a thief who was hanging next to Brian, you should always look at.

    Anyway, if you want a brake sometime there is always Boom Chicago over here in Amsterdam. It’s run by Amuhricans and as I understand it right they have people coming over to do shows, though it’s more theather stuff. Comical kind.

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