Berkeley, the KKK and a DEA conference

Howard Dean told a group of Coloradians today that he was a ‘metrosexual’. Which is basically saying youre straight but gay friendly.

He said this to a group of people in Colorado!!! Remember that Colorado in 1992 was the only state in the union that the VOTERS passed a law to legally discriminate against gay people. That’s like wearing a PETA t-shirt in Texas. Speaking against the Patriot Act at a conference of DEA officers (think about it). Or being at a KKK rally and saying that mix marriages are what make American great. Thank you for not being political and just being a metrosexual.

I made a joke about the anti-war protesters in Berkeley while in San Francisco – oh sure they preach non-violence – but wait till you make fun of them and then they want to kick your ass.

He’s not a ‘C’ student. He actually did well enough in school (without his daddy’s help) to be a doctor. I think this speaks well of education. I think he should have signs on all colleges around the country,”Deans for Dean.” Okay, so it’s not ‘laugh out loud’ funny but this is a blog (the most unpolished form of publication save graffiti) and I could do a lot worse.

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