Being a Professional…

For an upcoming gig, I went to the club’s website to see what days I’m actually working. When I got there I saw that my name was spelled wrong.

The following is the email correspondence:

Tina D. wrote:
Hey, my name is spelled wrong on
the calender. What will happen when I google myself
now?I’m opening the week of ——-.
I appreciate it. Thanks.

Donut Killer wrote:
I updated your name, made a bio and used your photo. If
you send me a better photo, I’ll use it instead.

Tina D. wrote:
You don’t like my photo?!? What’s wrong with my

Thanks for changing that.

Donut Killer wrote:
Nothing other than the fact the default size for our
photos is a portrait and yours was a square. So in
order for it to work, I cropped it down further so now
we can clearly see you airbrushed out the zits.

If you had a more standard headshot you wanted to use
instead, we can swap it out. Or just leave it.

Tina D. wrote:

Look – Donut Humper – they’re not ZITS! They’re ‘beauty patches’. And if God hadnt intended for us to airbrush our headshots – He wouldnt have invented Photo Shop.

The headshot is fine. Thanks for fixing the spelling.


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  1. Becks

    I was wondering, can you airbrush a co-worker? IF you did, would that qualify them for workman’s compensation? What if you just airbrushed them out of your office and into someone elses.

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